Bevi water coolers in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Environmentally friendly. Taste-bud approved.

The bevi combines state-of-the-art water filtration with custom flavors and carbonation.

C&S Vending brings the latest in water filtration to Minneapolis and St. Paul with the bevi. This system is part water cooler and the rest drink customization station which transforms the break room into a refreshment oasis. The bevi uses water from existing water pipes, putting it through additional filters that enhance taste and purity. The touchscreen makes it easy for users to add in different flavors and carbonation to further elevate the water drinking experience. The bevi is offered as both a floor standing unit and a counter top model in order to fit any size location.

Explore how bevi makes water the new at-work beverage must have.

Water with WOW

Bring in some sparkle

The bevi allows multiple carbonation options so users can create a more personalized water-based beverage.

Innovative filters

Specialty filters

Experience better tasting water thanks to the activated carbon filters in the bevi which remove impurities from water.

Smart restocking

Automated inventory

Maintaining a water filtration system has never been easier with the bevi which automatically orders filters and flavors when it gets low.

Sustainable option

More eco-friendly

Without single use water bottles or the need for 5-gallon jugs, the bevi lowers the carbon footprint of your Minnesota or St. Paul business.

Enjoy better water today with
some of the best-selling bevi flavors.

Enhance the water offering at your site with a bevi water filtration system from C&S Vending. Contact 800-642-6254 today!
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