Vast variety of in-demand brands

No matter your preferred roast, brand, or blend, C&S Vending will have a flavor profile ideal for your coffee service needs.

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Feel good coffee

Our line of Fair Trade coffees ensure coffee farming communities and farming practices are sustainable.

Minneapolis and St. Paul area businesses buying Fair Trade coffees can be certain farmers are paid fair wages, communities are supported, and environmentally-positive practices are used on fields. They are available in various forms, including Keurig K-Cups. Plus, this coffee is also delicious.


Create a tea bar

As tea has increased in popularity, we have added to our extensive line of fine green, black, and herbal teas.

Complete your office coffee service with tea. This popular hot beverage option has associated health benefits, especially green tea, and is appreciated by employees and customers. By offering tea in the break room, there is no need for people to go off-site. C&S Vending makes it easy.

Select the ideal coffee equipment

Tell us your coffee service goals and we will help you choose the right brewer,
from a traditional pot brewer to sophisticated bean to cup technology.





Fresh tasting water on-demand

Enjoy sustainable, pure-tasting water in your break room with our water filtration service. The inline filters attach to your existing water line, filtering out impurities and taste-affecting particles, delivering delicious water. This eliminates the need for large 5-gallon water service and improves the flavor of coffee and tea as well. It is also ideal for ice makers, ensuring there is no unpleasant aftertaste in the cubes or cold drinks.

Create an atmosphere that inspires with better coffee service from C&S Vending at 800-642-6254;
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