Vending machines optimized with the latest technology for Minneapolis and St. Paul businesses

Futureproof your break room

Ensure your vending machines and micro markets have the technology that will enhance service and offer customers convenience.

Credit Card Payments

Vending machines equipped with credit card and debit card acceptors that eliminate the need for cash.

Mobile Payments

Wow employees and customers with the ability to accept payments from a mobile device on machines.

Energy Efficient Equipment

Know you are making an eco-friendly choice with one of our energy efficient vending machines.

Smart vending machines

Connected online, our equipment provides real-time monitoring so we always know what your location needs.

Delivery sensors

Eliminate the fear of lost money with built-in infrared sensors that detect if a product falls or refund money.

Advanced service

Lightspeed technology in our warehouse allows more accurate and efficient packing of your product needs.

Connect with us

Our mobile app creates a new way for us to interact with vending machine customers. Now anyone at the vending machine can use the mobile website to provide feedback, service requests, product ideas, and more.

See how we are using the latest
warehouse technology to better serve you

Greener lighting

By replacing fluorescent tubes in vending machines with LED lights, we give our customers a double benefit. The LED lights use less energy and also look brighter.

Utilizing the 3Rs

Recycle, reduce, and reuse is the motto of our business. We recycle shipping materials in the warehouse and work to curb unneeded vehicles on the roads that use fossil fuels.

Better equipment

The latest vending machines are better than ever. Enjoy your snack or drink from generic energy efficient equipment that is built to last & better for the environment.


We have several initiatives in place that to reduce our carbon footprint, including using the latest advanced in technology. It’s our commitment to keeping Minneapolis and St. Paul beautiful.

Ensure your company is partnering with a company ready for the future — C&S Vending at 800-642-6254.
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