Shop in style right at work

More of the products you love along with cutting-edge self-checkout technology and a contemporary on-site shopping experience.

Looking for a unique, customizable benefit for Minneapolis and St. Paul area employees? A micro-market from C&S is the answer. It delivers the most popular snacks, food, and drinks to employees 24/7 in an open concept mini store right in your break room. Free custom branding of coolers and brewers creates a more inviting atmosphere that elevates the company culture. Use subsidized pricing or monetary promotions to make micro-markets fit your employee incentive needs.

Minneapolis & St. Paul micro-market benefits
Micro-market benefits in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Checkout by phone

Employees will love the freedom of paying with their phone instead of at the kiosk. It’s the same fast and secure self-checkout process. Employees simply open the micro-market app, scan the items they wish to purchase, and authorize payment. The app can be used to make product or refund requests as well as reload their account.

Welcome company enhancement

Micro-markets help Minneapolis and St. Paul area companies be great places for employees to work.

Tasty nutrition

Micro-markets are full of healthy alternatives that taste great and support a better lifestyle while at work.

Improved efficiency

With micro-markets, employees don’t need to waste time leaving the workplace looking for refreshments.

Better culture

Enjoy a more positive atmosphere at your business with a well maintained micro-market.

Automated inventory

Sales reports and restocking lists are automatic - requiring no manual inventory or reordering before deliveries.

Larger selection

The open shelves and glass-front coolers of a micro-market offer more space for a better variety of products.

Attractive design

From the custom branding to the high-end fixtures, micro-markets offer a better looking break room solution.

Latest tech

The micro-market self-checkout technology in the kiosk and in the mobile app are innovative, fast, and secure.

Incentive programs

Minneapolis and St. Paul area employers can add subsidies to the micro-market to improve the benefit.

Easier balance

Micro-markets offer employees a better way to use their time and to keep work and life needs in sync.

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