Support positive lifestyles

Encourage employees opting for nutritious items during breaks by offering healthy alternatives.

Wide item variety

We carry dozens of nutritious choices, such as gluten-free, low fat, natural, organic, and non-GMO.

Better benefits

Today’s employees are health-focused, so ensure your break room is offering refreshments they want.

Healthy program designed for you

Whether you need a healthy vending machine, micro-market, or pantry service solution, C&S Vending can make it a reality. We carry all the top names in healthy and better-for-you products and provide fresh food options made in-house. Contact us for your corporate wellness needs and we will provide the ideal solution.

Delicious and nutritious selections

Get today’s most sought-after healthy alternatives stocked in your break room.

Bring healthy convenience to the Minneapolis and St. Paul area business with service from C&S Vending at 800-642-6254;
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