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Keurig is the perfect addition to your office coffee service with its well-known single cup system.

This one-of-a-kind coffee brewer is extremely convenient and consistently delivers great tasting hot drinks with a single push of a button! The Keurig is in over 20 million homes and is partnered with over 50 leading coffee brands to create K-cups for 500+ drinks!

Keurig Green Mountain coffee products in Minneapolis & St. Paul


Keurig partners with different brands allowing for a variety of blends and roasts for your employees to choose from!

Minneapolis & St. Paul Keurig Green Mountain coffee products

Convenient Brewing

Keurig is known for its quality and convenience. Keurig hot beverages are brewed in less than a minute without contaminating the next drink!

Keurig Coffee Service In Minneapolis & St. Paul

High Quality Roasting

Keurig partners with companies who meet high standards certified by the nonprofit Coffee Quality Institute. Each cup ensures quality and fresh taste!

Keurig Coffee Service In Minneapolis & St. Paul

Connecting individuals to coffee around the world

Keurig is dedicated to sustainability and eliminating waste. They make K-cups recyclable and are on a mission to help coffee growers find eco-friendly farming methods!

Each cup of coffee connects individuals to ethical farming families and coffee-drinkers around the world!

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