vending machines and office coffee service in EaganThe Vending Machines You Need in Eagan

Your people work hard, so why not reward them…and provide the extra fuel they need…by adding vending machines from C&S Vending to your Eagan office? Our vending machines feature the latest in vending technology, such as cashless payment (including the use of mobile devices), guaranteed product delivery and remote inventory monitoring. They even are EnergyStar rated to help keep their power consumption to a minimum. Our types of vending machines include the traditional snack and soda vending machines you’ve come to expect, but also more unique options, like coffee vending machines, cold food vending machines and healthy product vending machines. The products to fill each machine is up to you. We’ll even comply with special requests.

Eagan’s Office Coffee and Water Filtration Experts

C&S Vending specializes in providing a wide range of office coffee services for Eagan operations. We offer everything from high volume by-the-pot brewers to single-cup solutions. We also offer pour overs and airpots. No matter what size your operation, we can accommodate with the right brewing technologies. Our selection of coffees, teas and other hot beverages offers something even for the pickiest drinkers. We’ll regularly return to your office to check on the equipment and to refill your drink supply. If something isn’t popular with your group, then we’ll switch it with something else to keep the selection of drinks fresh and interesting. What about the stir sticks, napkins, plates, cups, sweeteners and creamers that help support a busy coffee service? We’ll restock those too. Let us manage your break room supplies so you can focus on your other work.

Most Eagan offices counter poor water quality with a water delivery service. But in Eagan, C&S Vending is giving you a better option with our water filtration service. These filtration units, available in counter top and floor standing units, plumb into your water supply to take care of water problems at the source. Once it’s running, better tasting water is available right from the tap. Whether you need hot water or cold, you’ll get better quality simply by turning the faucet handle.

vending service and micro-markets in EaganMicro-Markets Serving Eagan Offices

If you’re looking for a higher level of vending for your Eagan offices, talk to C&S Vending. We offer Micro-Markets for virtually any sized operation. Working with you to determine an available space, we’ll install racks, coolers and displays to create a small corner store within your space. The store can offer a wide range of products, from items you typically find in vending machines to those you don’t. This includes fresh salads, protein packed dairy items and fruit. Self-checkout kiosks located in each store let people take care of their own transactions. And since they are connected to the internet, we’re able to monitor your inventory as it’s consumed. That means we’re better able to restock your store and determine which items should be changed out for something new. Each store also includes a security camera system. This allows the stores to stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with little concern about potential theft.

Get the vending you deserve. Contact C&S Vending today at 800-642-6254 or e-mail to learn more about what we can offer.
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