vending machines and water filtration service in FaribaultThe Vending Machines Faribault Offices Need

C&S Vending offers the snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, coffee vending machines and food vending machines – basically all the types of vending machines needed to satisfy busy Faribault offices. Our vending machines feature all the high-tech conveniences available today. Cashless payment allows for multiple payment options beyond just cash, including using mobile devices. Guaranteed product delivery uses infrared to determine if a paid for product is vended or not, and automatically refunds money. And remote inventory monitoring allows us to see your product supply before leaving our distribution facility. That way we can be more efficient.

Faribault’s Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service

Make your Faribault employees’ days by providing high quality coffee with an office coffee program from C&S Vending. We start by determining the unique coffee needs for your Faribault office and installing one of our many different brewing machine options, such as single-cup brewers, traditional pot brewers or pour over brewers. Then we let you choose from a wide range of coffees, teas and other hot beverages. We have all the brands and flavors you know and love. We provide service after the sale by regularly checking on your coffee brewers and restocking your drink supply. When we make those trips, we’re also willing to bring other break room supply needs, like stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins and creamers. Let us do it for you so you can focus on other more important tasks.

Don’t let bad water quality ruin your chances of a great Faribault office coffee service. And don’t settle for an expensive, clunky water delivery service either. Our water filtration units take care of the problem at the source and provide better tasting water at the simple press of a button. No lugging around heavy 5-gallon water jugs anymore. Once it’s hooked up you have clean, great tasting hot or cold water at the ready.

office coffee and micro markets in FaribaultState-of-the-Art Micro-Markets in Faribault

A Micro-Market is a unique alternative to vending machines where C&S Vending essentially installs a small convenience store right within an office environment, and we’re offering these to any office in Faribault. Every space is unique, but using a series of open racks, coolers and displays, we can assemble a “store” to fit – and offer up many snacks, beverages and entrée items. The selection of products is completely up to you, and we’re willing to accommodate special requests. Furthermore, you’ll find items available that you wouldn’t normally expect from a vending service, like healthy gourmet salads, protein-packed dairy items and other artisan foods. Transactions are taken care of at the integrated self-checkout kiosks. Simply scan your items, swipe a card and go. It’s the most convenience vending service yet, and because no employees are needed to run the store, it can always be open to serve all employees…not just those who work during regular hours.

C&S Vending is ready to provide you with the best in vending services. Call 800-642-6254 or e-mail to get started.
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