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vending machines and water filtration service in RogersVending Machines Installed in Rogers Offices

From traditional vending machines to more advanced types, C&S Vending provides them all in Rogers. We have snack vending machines, soda vending machines (Pepsi and Coca-Cola products), food vending machines, coffee vending machines and a wide array of other machines to choose from. Each of these vending machines features the latest in technologies, such as cashless payment, SureVend guaranteed product delivery and energy saving capabilities. Furthermore, our vending equipment can connect to wi-fi so we can remotely monitor your inventory. That way, whenever your stock is getting low, we know exactly what you need before we ever leave our facilities. This helps ensure your selection never runs out, and it helps us be more efficient, which keeps our pricing low.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Systems Installed in Rogers

C&S Vending is the complete solution for Rogers companies looking to install an office coffee service. We offer the types of brewing equipment to satisfy any sized operation, from single-cup brewers to traditional by-the-pot brewers to pour overs. We also offer airpots to keep whatever you brew fresh throughout the day. Our selection of coffees, teas and other hot beverages offers something for everyone with a wide range of types, brands and flavors. Beyond offering everything you need for the coffee service, we can also manage your break room supplies. Just let us know and we’ll start restocking your stir sticks, creamers, sweeteners, cups, plates and napkins so you don’t have to worry about it.

Water quality is an issue in so many buildings throughout Rogers. Rather than hiring a water delivery service with those awkward heavy water jugs, have C&S Vending install a water filtration system. Our water filter units connect to your water supply and remove the impurities that can cause bad taste. As soon as it’s installed, better tasting water is available from the tap, hot or cold.

office coffee and micro markets in RogersMicro-Markets in Rogers

Adding vending machines to your Rogers facility is a great move, but even better is going with a Micro-Market. This is where C&S Vending converts a portion of your break room into a small convenience store, complete with attractive racks, coolers and displays. We fill the store with hundreds of products, with the selection completely up to you. Products include what you’d typically expect from vending machines, and beyond, such as artisan sandwiches, fresh fruit and gourmet salads. The result is a range of food and beverage items that can satisfy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the less people have to leave your office to get the sustenance they need, the more productive they’ll be. Each Micro-Market includes a self-checkout kiosk, allowing people to handle their own transactions. Combined with the integrated security camera system, Micro-Markets can remain open every day, all day.

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